Windows Phone 7 para programadores Android

El blog publico una guía con 7 capítulos destinado a programadores Android para que se puedan iniciar en Windows Phone 7. La Guía esta en ingles en formato docx y pdf.

Acá están los capítulos:

Chapter 1: Introducing Windows Phone 7 Platform to Android Application Developers

High level comparison of the platforms and introduction of WP7 specificities

Chapter 2: User Interface Guidelines

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 uses a novel user interface called Metro. It sets itself apart with its clean and simple design and emphasis on color and typography.

Chapter 3: The Developer and Designer Tools

Microsoft brings the Visual Studio Development environment to WP7. As Android application developers you are familiar with Eclipse, and you can quickly migrate to WP7 developer tools and work with ease.

Chapter 4: C# programming

An introduction of C# to Android Java developers.

Chapter 5: A Comparison of Application Life Cycles in Windows Phone 7 and Android

In this chapter, we are going to look at the navigation model of the Windows Phone 7. We will examine the various application states needed to support the navigation model, and what the developer needs to do to support those application states and the transitions between them.

Chapter 6: Storing Data and Preferences

WP7 features a very comprehensive system of managing data for your application and across all applications on the phone. This section compares the data handling features of WP7 and Android.
Chapter 7: XML Parsing in Windows Phone 7 and Android

This chapter discusses the XML parsing methods in WP7 and compares them with the parsing methods in Android.

Lo pueden descargar de acá:


Download Chapters 1-7 (~4Mb): DOCX – PDF


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